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 Eneru Urameshi Profile

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PostSubject: Eneru Urameshi Profile   Sat Sep 27, 2008 5:34 am

Soul Reaper

Name:Eneru Urameshi
Age: 15
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Gray-Blue
Height: 6"2
Weight: 189

Charecter History: Eneru was a warrior from childbirth. He refused to allow anyone to surpass him. Even hearing stories about soul reapers who became so strong they gained the power of hollows he wanted to go beyond that. His ambition was to kill everyone who ever stood against his never ceasing lust for blood. At the age of 8 he killed his best friend in a display of power just to see what he was capable of. At the age of 10 it was well excepted that he would join the Gotei 13, but he wasn't sure thats what he wanted. Finally at age 12 he killed 1000 Gillian by himself which caused his village to force him to become a squad member because of fear that he may kill them next. It took him exactly three years to become a captain and its said that the Gotei 13 has never been more blood stained in its entire existence....

Family History: The Urameshi clan is said to have been born by the mating of a noble family member and a demon. Naturally this made the Urameshi power much greater than that of the other families. Every 1000 years it said that a Urameshi who lives for the sole purpose of obtaining power will unlock one of the clans forbidden techniques that was only available to them when demon blood ran thick through their veins. Its was exactly 1000 years after Gui Urameshi, the blood demon died and now the clan watches as young Eneru begins his ascension to power...

Zanpakuto info: (Kamui, Shikai: can manipulate space-time, even to a focus, and utilize it to conduct long range attack., Bankai: Oni Kamui, allows user to create rifts in time which he or she can travel through, further more the ability to manipulate space-time is magnified in that the user can literally cut through the fabric of space and time.)

Skills: Because Eneru is the prodigy of the Urameshi clan his speed and strength are at unbelievable levels, which in combination with his blood lust makes him very tough to deal with in any situation. His one weakness is revealed once he becomes lost in the joy of blood flow in battle
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Eneru Urameshi Profile
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